Considering Blur's long history portraying violent battles with superheroes, alien creatures, orcs and space marines, one might find it curious that we helped launch a major film franchise for Sonic The Hedgehog.

Sonic is as much a part of our journey towards becoming "dark Pixar" as "Deadpool," "Halo" and "Love, Death + Robots" because we love bringing genre material and nerdcore content of all kinds to the masses.

Along with Sega and Original Film, Blur developed, pitched and sold Sonic from the ground up. Tim is an executive producer, and Blur's Jeff Fowler directed both films, with Blur providing VFX and other production support.

It's been a fun trip so far - we are proud of Jeff and everyone involved. Go check out Sonic 2 on April 8th!

Josh and Pat's writer's room at blur
blur and geoff keighley visit the set
tim, jeff and cast at blur
wrapped, tired, still pumped
vfx.... from home?!
knuckles is.... idris elba
check out this li'l guy... that's tails